About the Author

Born and raised in South Carolina, Meredith's fondest childhood memories lie along the coast.  Her summers were spent vacationing at her family's summer home along the waters of Murrells Inlet, (just south of Myrtle Beach). Ever since her earliest days, she loved story telling, so it is no surprise that her two loves were combined for this novel.

"Churning Waters is definitely a work of fiction, but it is impossible to overlook the influences that my own experiences had upon the story.  Are these characters real?  Absolutely not, but each one could probably be traced to someone who has in some way had an impact on my life."

Meredith graduated in 1997 from the College of Charleston. She studied both theatre and literature, earning a
Bachelor of Arts.  


The Taylors, after living in Charleston for many years, now make Florence, South Carolina their home.

When not writing, directing, or teaching theatre,music, and cinematography, Meredith can be found on the tennis courts, or engulfed in a home improvement project. 


She still enjoys visiting Murrells Inlet with her  family, each summer.

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